The Trademark Institute Practice Areas

Practice Areas

– Conducting clearances for foreign and domestic trademarks and service marks

– Advising clients on the availability, defensibility and commercial advisability of proposed marks   

–  Reviewing client advertising materials, packaging and logo placement for proper trademark use

– Advising clients on the implementation of policing and enforcement policies for protection against counterfeiting and unlawful gray market activities

– Litigating intellectual property matters involving, trademark infringement, copyright infringement, trade secrets, unfair competition and right to likeness issues

– Litigating opposition and cancellation proceedings before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board

– Negotiating, reviewing and drafting business and intellectual property agreements including software licensing agreements, brand and trademark licensing agreements, employment agreements, non-disclosure agreements, non-compete agreements, commercial leases, executive compensation agreements, consent agreements, assignments, releases, and asset purchase agreements

– Providing legal representation to internationally acclaimed musicians, music producers, singers, songwriters, actors, television personalities, athletes, authors, film producers, entertainment managers, broadcasting companies, production companies, event managers, non-profits, government contractors, internet and other high-tech companies

– Negotiating, reviewing and drafting television and film contracts and agreements, including, film licensing agreements, film distribution agreements, television series agreements, talent agreements, life story agreements, option agreements, synchronization licenses 

– Negotiating, reviewing and drafting music industry contracts and agreements, including, music licensing agreements, publishing deals, management contracts, talent performance agreements, production deals and agreements, distribution agreements, synchronization licenses, concert and event promotions agreements and sponsorship agreements 

– Negotiating, reviewing and drafting licensing agreements for artists, foundations and other entities with ownership or control over works of art 

– Negotiating, reviewing and drafting book publishing agreements, agent agreements, literary purchase agreements and book deals for writers